Destinations - 11 August 2020

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades and is located right in the center. It offers a wealth of different experiences to visitors, combining traditional elements with modern comforts, quiet getaways and lively nightlife, enchanting beaches and amazing food. On this page you will find information about Naxos.

Holidays in Naxos
Naxos is a destination suitable for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday with many activities and evening entertainment. Thanks to the long history and geomorphology of the island, Naxos offers innumerable options: beautiful picturesque mountain villages, wonderful beaches, impressive architecture and archeological monuments, water sports, restaurants and fine local products!

Naxos Town, which is also the port of the island, with the famous “Portara”, the Venetian castle and its uniquely beautiful mansions, is an ideal starting point for your wanderings. A special event is the “Naxos Potato Festival” which takes place in September and where you have the opportunity to try the famous demanding product cooked in any way!

Παραλία της Νάξου, γαλαζοπράσινα νερά, αραγμένα καΐκια

Beaches in Naxos
Naxos has many beaches thanks to its long coastline. Organized with umbrellas or more secluded and deserted, with calm sea or with a wave for water sports, the island has beaches for all tastes!

Agios Georgios: The nearest beach in Chora (a few minutes walk). It is organized and has a wide sandy beach and shallow waters.
Agios Prokopios: Organized beach with white sand, located very close to Chora (about 5 km) and is easily accessible by KTEL of the island. Here you can go diving and other water sports, but also eat in the taverns of the village.
Agia Anna: It is located right after the beach of Agios Prokopios. It has fine sand, umbrellas, but also cedars that offer shade.
Plaka: Continuation of Agia Anna, the beach has white fine sand and large dunes that compose a magnificent setting. It has umbrellas and taverns.
Mikri Vigla: These are 2 beaches separated by a rock, Partheno and Limanaki. The first is suitable for windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the strong winds, while in the second you can enjoy your bath and sunbathing without air.
Kastraki: Large and quiet beach with white sand, ideal for relaxation and walking.
Aliko: Relatively small and secluded beach with white sand and clear blue waters, easily accessible by car. The beach itself has no shade, but just above there is a cedar forest.
Agiassos: Quiet and sandy with deep blue shallow waters, located at the southwestern tip of the island.
Panormos: A small cove at the southeastern tip of the island. The beach is windless with turquoise waters and white sand.
Naxos beach, turquoise waters, moored boats

Naxos offers a wide variety of activities, from visits to monuments and places of historical and archaeological interest to water sports and hiking trails, but also wonderful nights in the bars of the island.

Visit to the famous “Portara”, the huge marble gate of the temple of Apollo from the 6th c. e.g.
Walk on the picturesque cobbled streets of Chora. The Venetian castle, the medieval architecture, the mansions of the old nobles and the cobbled streets will take you to other times.
Evening excursions to the numerous bars and clubs of Chora.
Archaeological Museum of Naxos. Get to know the history of the island through the findings of the museum dating from the Neolithic to the Byzantine era.
Venetian Museum of Naxos. Furniture, weapons, costumes and useful objects give an idea of ​​life in the “Duchy of the Aegean” during the Venetian occupation.
Visit to the Temple of Sangrio which dates back to the 6th c. e.g. and is a forerunner of classical Attic architecture and the Parthenon.
Sea sports. The large beaches make Naxos ideal for canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing and other water sports. There are also windsurfing, kitesurfing and diving centers on the island.
Hiking. Discover the hidden secrets of Naxos walking on the numerous marked paths of the island.
Naxos Town has all the amenities of a modern city: super market, banks, ATMs, pharmacies, post office, health center and numerous shops where you can get everything you need. Plenty of hotels and rooms for your stay are offered not only in Chora, but also in other villages of the island. There are also some organized campsites within walking distance of the port.

Naxos has a KTEL bus that runs many daily routes to nearby and further settlements as well as to the beaches of the island. There are also taxis, but their prices can be a bit higher. Due to the long distances we suggest you bring your car or motorcycle to the ship or rent there. You will find many gas stations in Chora and around it as well as in some main roads of the island