Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy


Booking prices are calculated on the day indicated in the current price list, based on the cost of each booking service, applicable fares, taxes and security costs, the exchange rates of foreign currencies in relation to the EURO, any number provided by the package travel plan minimum prices, fuel and service prices, and any other cost factors.

The Company exhausts all forecasting possibilities but reserves the right to adjust when the above cost factors change, up to 20 days before departure. If during the last 20 days before departure there are extraordinary increases in fares, taxes, fuel, exchange rates, etc. The The traveler has the right to accept the corresponding increase in the price of the trip or to cancel his participation, if this increase exceeds 8% of the value of the trip.

Respectively, the traveler has the right to request a reduction of the price of the package in proportion to any reduction of the price of fuel costs, taxes and fees of third parties, exchange rates.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip before departure:

(a) for reasons of force majeure or security, ie for circumstances beyond its control, unusual and unforeseen;

  1. b) if extraordinary increases occur, as mentioned above, which far exceed 8% of the value of the trip (in this case the amounts paid to the traveler are returned);
  2. c) in case of insufficient participation.

On the contrary, when during the trip, unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances arise, any extraordinary expenses, except those of repatriation, are borne by the travelers. Any temporary coverage of the extraordinary expenses by the Company, does not mean in any way acceptance of responsibility by it, but temporary financial service of the traveler, with the obligation of the immediate settlement of the expense with their return.



The traveler is entitled to cancel his reservation with a written notice to the Company, with the following charges, per person and in relation to the time of declaration of cancellation.

  1. a) Up to 30 days before departure free of charge.
  2. b) From 29-25 days before departure with a deduction of 30% of the price of the trip.
  3. c) From 24-19 days before departure with a deduction of 50% of the price of the trip.
  4. d) From 18-15 days withholding 75% of the price of the trip
  5. e) from 14 days until departure, 100% of the price of the trip.

In case a special cancellation policy is provided (indicatively a special cancellation policy of a hotel, air carrier, etc. is mentioned) this prevails over the above general cancellation conditions.

The traveler is also charged with the expenses paid by the Company on his behalf (registration for conferences or seminars, tickets for entertainment, sports or other events, issuance of travel documents, etc.).

The cancellation policy also applies in the event that a change in flight time was previously announced (indicatively from morning to night or vice versa), the replacement of hotels with others of the same or higher category, as well as forced minor changes in the program and which do not change significantly the whole character of the trip, even the illness, the medical interventions and the accidents of the traveler.

Subject to the above cancellation policy, the traveler has the right to terminate the contract before the start of the package, free of charge in case of unavoidable and extraordinary events at or very close to the destination, which affect the execution of the package. For the assessment of the existence or non-existence of emergencies and their severity, any travel instructions or other announcements of official national authorities or authorities of the place of destination shall be taken into account.



This travel and service cancellation policy applies respectively to the credit card cancellation and refund policy where the same time limits and obligations apply.