The most beautiful islands in Europe

News - 6 September 2018

Those who dream of traveling to the islands of Europe almost always refer to Greek destinations. And yet many seaside countries of the old continent have excellent island paradises, ideal for carefree moments by the sea. Leaving out of today’s equation the beauties of our country, we bow to discover the most beautiful islands in the rest of Europe, for those who wish to combine their summer holidays with exploring the culture, gastronomy, history and traditions of a different culture.

The famous island of neighboring Italy belongs to the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world and continues to be the meeting point of the international jet set. The imposing limestones, the blue waters, the vegetation and the architecture will remind us of our own islands, but Italian culture, gastronomy, archaeological finds and majestic Catholic churches will quickly overturn this impression. The small rocky beaches suffocate from the months of July and August, while the central square of Piazzetta is full of life and fun. The scenic Anacapri, the gardens of Augustus, the blue cave and the Roman villas will take us to space and time in this truly magical destination.