We only need to know the destination and we can find you the best seat. We have completed the research and thus we can supply accommodation to both the travel trade and individuals. With over 400 hotels, apartments, studios and villas available for booking we can assure the best accommodation through a wide selection of services in many destinations in Greece.


Since 2005 we have been able to provide complete, organized and high-quality transfers to our clients, provide transfers to any destination, private tours or excursions, with professionalism and style. Our Shuttle Service is the best possible choice to handle your transportation. Private transfers by taxi can be also arranged for individuals.


We provide all the necessary arrangements for the perfect organization of tours and packages, both for groups and individuals, always in accordance with our client’s needs rates, tailor made packages or the full details of our programs upon request.


So many destinations, so close to you! Choose among our organized packages and discover the beauty of Greece and travel in beautiful places. Learn about Greece’s history by visiting many archaeological sites and places of deep natural beauty, follow the ancient pathways or enjoy relaxing one day cruises along the marvelous Greek coasts.

Car rental

In cooperation with leading car rental companies, we cover the mainland of Greece and the Islands for really good prices.

Cruises –Yachting

In co-operation with the biggest and most reliable cruise companies, 3, 4 and 7-days cruises with luxurious ships around the magnificent Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea can be organized for you to discover the most out of Greek sea.

Brief visits cities

Brief city visits. Main activities: sightseeing (museums, historical sites), shopping, restaurants, accommodation, hotels and restaurants, nightlife.

Naval tourism

Water – based holidays such as sailing, trails with high speed boats and cruise ships

Coastal holidays

Holiday activities for the whole family in the sun and beach. Swim in the sea, sunbathe, relax and enjoy the Greek climate.


The main objectives of the tour are discovery and visit: by car or other means of transport in order to enjoy the natural beauties and cultural sights while visiting monuments

Holidays in outdoors

Holidays where tourists want to enjoy and do activities in rural areas.

Luxurious holidays

High quality vacations if you are looking for high standard facilities and services to enjoy the holidays them in a unique and exclusive location.

Conferences & Travel Incentives

Travel mainly with the purpose of participation in conferences and incentive trips. The conferences these are organized by companies, groups, multinational companies and businesses.


Holidays on a cruise ship, where the trip itself and the comforts of the ship are considered a key factor in the experience.


Holidays with the main goal of relaxing and improving the health of the tourist. The main activities are related to wellness treatments and health.


The main motivation of this type of travel is the practice or learning of sports: golf, tennis, cycling, windsurfing, etc.

Parks Recreation

The main motivation of this type of holiday is to have fun and play in an exciting and secure environment.

Holidays in snow

Enjoy your holidays a in snowy scenery, fun for the whole family, included activities are skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Holidays in Mountain

The main tourist motivation is to enjoy the mountainous atmosphere. Main activities: educational activities, sports activities, mild activities, etc.

Special circumstances

A trip for a special occasion Such as a honey moon, a bachelor party, a golden anniversary or a celebration


The main reason for this special type of holiday is the attending / attending a special event such as music festivals or cinema festivals, local events.


City tours around bars and restaurants for the youth, Information and transportation to events and parties all over the town of Thessaloniki. Meet and have fun with the rest of the youth.

Cultural tourism

This holiday type is visits of cultural interest to museums and art galleries for deepening the knowledge of tradition

Hotels with Spa and Spa facilities

Thalassotherapy • Thermal spa & bath Μαρίνες

Marinas • Nautical resort

Drive 4×4 to the Greek mountains

Drink ouzo shots with fishermen in Mykonos

Enjoy live music “from morning till night” in Thessaloniki

Greet the sunset at Lake Kerkini

Experience the atmosphere of the Easter holiday in Corfu

Wander around Meteora and admire the monastery

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Santorini

Take part in the Carnival of Patra