Destinations - 11 August 2020

Skiathos: The cosmopolitan of the Sporades!

Welcome to the cosmopolitan of the Sporades, one of the most vibrant and youthful destinations in Greece. If your vacation wants to include dives on beautiful beaches, walks in picturesque alleys but also intense nightlife thus combining peace, tranquility and fun, then Skiathos is the destination you were looking for!

Hora_Skiathos_Vaggelis Belzenitis_510

The city of Skiathos, a modern resort with excellent tourist infrastructure, is the only settlement on the island. Located at the southeastern tip of the island in a sheltered bay that divides the island of Bourtzi in two, the settlement is relatively new since it was built around 1829-1830 on the site of the corresponding ancient city. A trademark has always been its large natural port, which regulated the life of the city in the past as well as in the newer years. Today it is primarily a yacht shelter, something that gives the island a strong cosmopolitan character. Walking in the settlement, the visitor is enchanted by the paved sidewalks, the whitewashed houses with tiles, the picturesque port secured by four green islands and the beautiful Bourtzi.

Hora_Skiathos_Vaggelis Belzenitis_510

The most important sights of the city are:

• The house of the famous writer Alexandros Papadiamantis (who is honored on the island every year on January 2-3 and March 4) who was born and lived here.
• Bourtzi, the small verdant island with the ruins of a Venetian fortress and the neoclassical buildings of the old school that house the Cultural Center of Skiathos. This small peninsula, which divides the port of Skiathos in two, was formerly a fortress founded by the Gizi brothers, who occupied Skiathos in 1207. It was walled with ramparts and loopholes but was destroyed in 1660 when the island was occupied. Francis Morosini. Today, Bourtzi is a beautiful pine-covered recreation area with magnificent sea views.
• Around the middle of the 14th century, due to continuous pirate raids, the Skiathos were forced to leave the ancient city of Skiathos and establish their city in Kastro, a peninsula in the northern part of the island, which was a natural fortress. The Castle is today thanks to its wild natural beauty a stunning location that is definitely worth visiting!

The island is adorned with over 60 exquisite blue beaches – a beautiful crystal clear embrace that you will not be able to easily leave:

Koukounaries beach_Nikos Maheras

Koukounaries beach_Nikos Maheras

• The beach of Koukounaria at the southwestern tip of Skiathos – also known as “Golden Sand” since its sand shines all golden under the summer sun – is considered the third best in the Mediterranean. Apart from the clear blue, crystal clear waters, the beach is also famous for the forest of Koukounaries that reaches almost to the sea and the lagoon Strofilia (located inside it), a rare wetland, which is now a protected area. In Koukounaries you will find many accommodations (and campsites), as well as many taverns, ouzo and cafes, while you are also given the opportunity to do water sports, rent a boat or play tennis in one of the nearby hotels that have a similar stadium .
• Megali Ammos, just outside the city on the road to Koukounaries, and Achladies are organized beaches with crystal clear waters and picturesque ouzo.
• Banana (or Krassa bay) is a wonderful pine-covered beach that attracts many young people, as they are offered the opportunity to engage in water sports, while it has several taverns and cafes that organize fun parties!
• Right next door is the Little Banana which is more secluded and quiet (it once attracted strictly nudists). Like its big “sister”, the Little Banana is characterized by its turquoise shallow waters and pines that surround it.

If, however, you are looking for relaxing moments away from prying eyes, the beaches in the western part of the island are ideal: Mandraki, Elia, Agistros, Small and Big Moon with turquoise waters and golden sand.
• You can reach Aselinos by road, via a section of dirt road, or by boat.
• At the northeastern tip of the island is Lalaria beach, one of the most beautiful in Greece. All-white, steep cliffs rise majestically above the sea and the wind creates from them millions of years now, the all-round, white pebbles, the so-called “lalaria”, which cover the entire beach. The famous “Trypia Petra” always stands there, guard. You can reach “Lalaria” only by sea with boats that depart daily from the port of Skiathos, when the weather allows.

Lovers of nature and hiking can through 25 hiking trails with a total length of 197 km (with marked trails lasting 1 to 6 hours) to discover the unspoiled natural environment of the island, idyllic places that offer wonderful panoramic views of the island but also places ideal for relaxation or picnic. The route Aselinos-Moni Kounistra-Mikros Aselinos beach-Alygaries beach-Kechria beach is one of the most impressive on the island, while the route Agia Eleni-Kryfi Ammos and Mandraki-Elia-Agistro will reveal excellent beaches!